American Politics

CEF level: C1

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Before Watching

1. Do you know the names of the two main political parties?
2. From which party does the current US President come?
True or false

1. In the United States there are only two political parties.

2. All Republicans oppose gun control.

3. Republicans generally believe that the United States should have a strong military.

4. Republicans generally support free trade between countries.

5. Democrats generally believe in more market regulation.

6. Democrats agree with Republicans on taxation.

7. Many Republicans criticise the UN.

8. Only the rich vote for the Republican Party.

9. Only the poor vote for the Democrat Party.

10. The Democrats have a lot of support in the big cities.
What do you think the following words and phrases mean?
a) majority b) many different c) very few
a) bank b) government c) rich company d) a foreign country
a) honest b) dishonest d) boring e) over-paid
Latte liberal
a) likes coffee and left wing policies
b) likes milk and left wing policies
c) likes coffee and conservative policies
Answers * Macmillan Blog: Language of American Politics * New Words

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