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Spelling Bee: Answers

Anamika's competed in the 2008 Scripts Spelling Bee & came fifth.

1. What is the first word you hear? Victory

2. How much money did Anamika win? $42,000

3. Was this entirely in cash?
No 'cash and savings bonds'

4. What other prize did she also win?
Merriam Webster Reference Library

5. What will she do with the money?
Save it to pay for college (university)

6. What was the hardest word she has ever spelt?
Fackeltanz - very rare word!

7. How many people did she beat to win the competition?
11 million!

8. What was her winning word?
Stromuh - another very rare word

9. What is it used for?
Medical procedures - clamping blood vessels

10. Is Anamika going to buy one of these devices?
No. She is clearly joking at the end.

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