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Snail Mail

1. What do you think 'snail-mail' is?

Look at the picture. Think about the two words 'snail' and 'mail' or post.

2. You want to contact someone in another town. Write down the different ways you can do this.

Listen to the short talk about snail-mail.

True or false?

You can check your answers at the end:

a) There are many different ways to communicate with someone.

b) You post a text

c) At one time people wrote more letters.

d) At one time there were ten mail collections a day.

e) These days nobody sends letters.

f) Texts are best for romantic messages.

Which Word?

All the examples come from the listening

1. You can send letters, packets and p----- through the post
2. Information sent to another person.
3. At one time there were five d------- of post every day.
4. You put a letter in this.
5. Facebook is an example of a social ------
6. What is the 'e' in email?
True or false?

a) True b) False (you send it) c) True

d) False (five deliveries a day) e) False f) False.

1. Parcel
2. Message
3. Deliveries
4. Envelope.
5. Network
6. Electronic